Welcome to A.C. Flooring Services


Company Profile

A.C Flooring Services was founded in 1995 by Alex Van Schoor and Carlo Van Niekerk who collectively brought into the company technical and professional experience of more than 55 years.

A.C Flooring Services is active in all sectors of the Commercial flooring market, with a focus on maintenance programmes for the educational institutions, corporate sector and marine industry.

We have an extensive product range and the focus of the company is to provide quality service with a reliable and professional after sales service.

The company sources products from most reputable floor covering manufacturers and wholesalers which includes all types of floor covering.

A.C Flooring Services caters for most segments of the market and operate in a wide geographical area.

We also service the shipping and repair industry with our Durastic product for which we are the sole importers. Durastic deckscreed and other marine related products are imported from the U.K. The S.A. Navy is just one of our clients who have used our products and expertise in this regard.